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As a follow on to our highly successful spring clinics, MVSA will offer free clinics during the autumn.  During the spring we had 17 girls participate.  We hope the majority of those girls will return to further refine their skills during the fall program and that an equil or greater number of new players will join the program.


Program Information:

  • The MVSA program is open to all 9 through 14 year old Montgomery County residents, not just Montgomery Village residents despite the Montgomery Village Sports Association (MVSA) name. 
  • The basic premise of the program is to teach basic skills to inexperienced players and to enhance skills and game knowledget of experienced players.
  • Practices are held on Patsy Huson Field, 20300 Fulks Farm Road, Montgomery Village, Saturdays at 4:30 for ninety minutes.
  • Clinics will begin on Saturday, September 12, continuing through Saturday, October 31.


  • Stan Kryjak is US Lacrosse certified.  He has 10 years coaching with MVSA youth program, club teams, and at Quince Orchard high school.  His daughter currently plays for an NCAA division 2 college.
  • Bob Schaefer is US Lacrosse certified.  He has 13 years coaching MVSA youth program and a Gaithersburg high school winter team.  He also has coached Good Counsel boys fall and winter teams.  His son is a former NCAA division 1 college player and his daughter was the first team 4A North goalie in 2008.
  • Coaches Bob is currently an assistant coach of the Gaithersburg High School JV team.
  • MVSA will engage current high school players to assist with coaching the clinics.

 Registration fees: 

  • There will be no MVSA registration fee but participants must become US Lacrosse members ($25).  The link to US Lacrosse membership is found on the lacrosse registration page (see registration linnk above).
  • US Lacrosse provides insurance to members at a much lower premium than found elsewhere.  This is the reason why MVSA requires US Lax membership. 
  • US Lacrosse membership is a requirement for most summer clinics and tournaments.  Membership is for a calendar year so your player will be covered not only for the fall clinic season but also for summer, winter and spring programs should she choose to participate.

 Required equipment

  • GIRLS stick (Women's sticks differ from men's.  Ensure stick you purchase is labeled for girls)
  • Eye protection (wire mesh or solid lens goggles)
  • Mouth guard
  • Girls are not required to wear helments (except goalies) or men's gloves
    • Girls gloves are similar to golf or batting gloves but with padding on the back of the fingers.  These provide minimal protection and, in the opinion of the coaches are not worth the cost.  Although not recommended they are not discouraged.
    • Girls may wear soft helmets but these are not recommended by MVSA.  They do not provide concussion protection although concussion is very unlikely at the youth level.
    • Men's sticks, pads, helmets, gloves, etc. are illegal for girls lacrosse.  Girls may not use hand me downs from brothers, cousins, neighbors, etc.
  • Coaches Stan and Bob have a limited number of sticks which we will loan to registered players.  A $50 deposit is required.  We will hold your check until the completion of the clinic season.  When you return the stick we will return your check.  If not, we will cash your check to purchase a replacement for it. 

Information Contact


MVSA Alumnae News

MVSA is very proud of its record of sending players to many Montgomery County public and private high school lacrosse programs,  Many of these players go on to play college lax at all three NCAA division levels.  Because we are just beginning the 2015 season, MVSA does not yet have input from former players regarding their spring activities.  This area will be updated with information regartding who is playing what (hopefully lax) and where as it becomes available.Through the years we have lost contact with many of the over 300 players who have participated with MVSA but are posting information about those for whom we have maintained contact.

Spring 2014

Names of the players listed below reflects the team on which they completed the season.  In some instances players begain the season on the high school JV teams but were promoted to varsity prior to completion of the season. 

Gaithersburg Varsity

  • Jaya Agsalon
  • Alex Carter
  • Shannen de Leon
  • Stephanie Houk
  • Morgan Price
  • Sophie Robinson
  • Bethany Scott
  • Anne Selby
  • Laney Selby
  • Porsche Vass

 Gaithersburg JV Lax

  • Alica Dowdy
  • Erica Hubert
  • Alex Moy
  • Rachel Johnson

Magruder Varsity

  • Emma Owen
  • Megan Remini


Northwest Varsity

  • Julia Brock
  • Claire Chung
  • Summer Jacobs
  • Erin Lynch
  • Megan Lynch
  • Brooke Mandel

Northwest JV

  • Jamie Pincus



Poolesville JV

  • Erica Guthrie
  • Andrea Johnson
  • Brigit Shields


Watkins Mill Varsity

  • Julia Crews
  • Fiona Franke
  • Lilianna Ferrufino
  • Charlotte Kimball
  • Lilly Jean Schlosser
  • Virginia Schlosser
  • Rachel Thompson
  • Haley Wess
  • Maddie White

Watkins Mill JV

  • Ashleigh Kozo

Good Counsel varsity

  • Rose Prizzi (Brine HS All American will play at Campbell University in 2016)


Robert Morris University

  • Alexis Rusnak (Watkins Mill '14)


Indiana University of Pennsylvania

  • Tara Nicholas (Northwest '12)


Florida Southern College

  • Allie Kryjak ((Quince Orchard '12)


James Madison University

  • Angel Magno (Gaithersburg '12)

Gaithersburg High JV Coach

  • Julia Navarro (Gaithersburg '10)


The past and the future (Spring 2014)

This photograph was taken following the Watkins Mill / Gaithersburg high school game on March 22.  Pictured are former Wolverine and Trojan players who began their lacrosse with MVSA and some members of the current MVSA team. 

Back Row:
Lainey Selby, Erica Hubert, Cari McCloskey, Alicia Dowdy, Lilly Schlosser, Sophie Robinson, Jillian Gardner, Alex Carter, Charlotte Kimball
Middle Row:
Alexis Rusnak, Stephanie Houk, Helen Marsh, Bethany Scott, Kylee Sklar, Madison Fragnito, Sara-Jane Campbell, Haley Wess, Rachael Thompson, Lilianna Ferrrufino, Megan Remini...

Front Row:
Bella Sheldon, Arianna Tello, Natalie Fragnito, Fiona Franke, Erica Guthrie, Brigit Shields, Ali Rosenberg